European Masters Championships is ready to go, all you need to know

Oggi la cerimonia di apertura con il corteo per il Corso e in piazza Dante. Da domani a domenica, tre giornate di gare. Tutte le curiosita'

Ready go. Everything is ready for the eighteenth European Masters Championships of Athletics Non-Stadia which will take place in Grosseto from 13 to 15 May with inauguration today, Thursday 12 May, at 6 pm with the classic parade in the historic center of the city . Three days of challenges in Grosseto , from 13 to 15 May, with 1219 members and 1649 race athletes from over 30 countries.

The event represents one of the most important sporting events of 2022 for Grosseto also due to the important tourist effects and it is great to see how sport can create a sense of aggregation and belonging to a group and at the same time compete and unite.

A total of twelve competitions are planned: we start on Friday with 10 km of road walking (men and women) and 10 km of road running (men and women), then on Saturday in the morning for the first time the 5 km of running, distance always more widespread on the road also at an absolute level, and in the afternoon Nordic walking, another novelty of this edition, then on Sunday the half marathon on the classic distance of 21,097 km to close with the 30 km of men's walk and the 20 km of walk female. 124 individual titles are up for grabs, but team medals are also awarded in each race and march, with the sum of the times of three athletes in each category.

Andrea Cicerale
, craftsman from Grosseto, has created over 2000 medals that will probably be the first km0 medals in the history of championships. Cinzia Monari , soprano from Maremma, together with other local musicians, instead performed the official anthem of the event that we could hear today at the opening ceremony.

Athletes who have duly registered for the scheduled competitions will have to, upon arrival in Grosseto, proceed with accreditation at the accreditation center in the Via Mercurio Sports Center. Accreditation will be possible from 12 May at 3.00 pm, and up to one hour before the start of the first heat of each event, only at the Via Mercurio Sports Center in Grosseto. The TIC will be open on 12 May from 15:00 to 20:00, on 13 and 14 May from 8:00 to 20:00 on 15 May from 6:30 to 16:30.

For all rules it is recommended to download the technical manual CLICK HERE

Everyone is invited to participate in this great sport festival. Starting today at the opening ceremony, in anticipation of which the Municipal Police has instituted various bans on transit and parking to allow the regular running of the championships.

In detail, in piazza Dante Alighieri and the ban on transit in corso Carducci when the procession passes. 

Tomorrow morning, the 10-kilometer walk is scheduled which will take place from 8.30 in the ring of via Giotto inside the Pertini park, and in the afternoon at 18 the single departure of the 10-kilometer race from the sports center in via Uranio . For this reason, from 3 to 9 pm there is a ban on parking with the accessory sanction of the removal of vehicles on both sides of these streets: Uranio (lane towards via Aurelia nord), Aurelia nord (section between via Uranio and via Giusti), Giusti, Giulio Cesare, Telamonio (section between via Giulio Cesare and via Orcagna), Orcagna (section between via Telamonio and via Perolla), Perolla, Civitella Paganico, Roccastrada, Faccendi, Cassola (section between via Faccendi and via Preselle), Preselle (stretch between via del Tiro a Segno and via Fiesole), Fiesole (stretch between via Preselle and via Pian D'Alma), Pian D'Alma, Castiglionese (stretch between via Pian D'Alma and via Uranio), and finally Uranio (lane in the direction of via Aurelia nord). 
In these streets, which will be traveled twice as a circuit, always on Friday but from 17.30 to 20.30 a ban on transit is established for all vehicles (with the exception of emergency vehicles and the organization) at the time of the passage of participants in the sporting event.
On Saturday morning, the 5-kilometer race will have the park in via Giotto as its theater, while the Nordic Walking race will take place in the pine forest of the Le Marze campsite in a one-kilometer route to be covered 10 times. 
For Sunday 15 May, the final day, with the half marathon (with 400 athletes at the start) scheduled at 8.30, from 6 to 13 there is a ban on parking with the accessory sanction of removing vehicles, on both sides of the routes: Uranio (lane in the direction of via Castiglionese), Castiglionese, cycle path Marina / Grosseto, Arcidosso, della Repubblica (section between the cycle path and via Cimabue), Cimabue, Telamonio (section between via Cimabue and via Giotto), Giotto, della Repubblica (section between via Giotto and via De Nicola), De Nicola (section between via della Repubblica and via Canova), Canova, Caravaggio (section between via Canova and piazza Lamarmora), piazza Lamarmora, Gramsci, Manin , Piazza Duomo, corso Carducci, Mazzini, Mura Medicee (section between Garibaldi and Rimembranza bastions), Saffi, corso Carducci (section between via Saffi and via Fallaci), piazza Rosselli, Oberdan (section between piazza Rosselli and via T ripoli), Tripoli (stretch between via Oberdan and via Corridoni), Corridoni (stretch between via Tripoli and piazza Volturno), piazza Volturno, della Pace, Emilia (stretch between via della Pace and via Abruzzo), Abruzzo, Ortigara, Monte Rosa (stretch between via Ortigara and via Aurelia Nord), Aurelia Nord (stretch between via Monte Rosa and via Uranio including mini-variant), Uranio (lane in the direction of via Castiglionese).
In these streets, always on Sunday, but from 8 to 12.30, a ban on all vehicles is established with the exception of emergency vehicles and the organization, at the time of the passage of the participants in the sporting event.

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